The company ROSPAP Ltd. was founded in 2021 mainly due to the situation in the printing materials market in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe.

 The ROSPAP Ltd. sales team has many years of experience in the printing sector and has always been a reliable partner in trade and production.

 Our credo is responsibility towards business partners, striving to reduce costs in order to keep a reasonable price and to provide high quality services.

 The company ROSPAP Ltd. is the sole trade agency in Europe for the sale of cardboard and corrugated board of all types from the manufacturer PROLETARIY corp.

 from the Russian Federation.

 The material we offer is manufactured on a completely new German technology that went into operation this year.





            New production line

            In 2021 a new production line was built and put into operation by the companies VOITH

            and BHS CORRUGATE.

            The line is able to produce and pack the volume of the entire truck in 3 hours.







            German technology

            Proven and reliable systems are used for the production of cardboard and carton.







            Paper mill PROLETARIY corp. in Suraz.

            PROLETARIY corp. has been successfully operating in the market of manufacturers and suppliers

            of technical cardboard for over 120 years.

            The company is one of the oldest manufacturers of corrugated and technical cardboard in Russia.

            For more than a century, it has extensive experience in the manufacture of technical paperboard

            and cardboard packaging, including innovative solutions focused on the quality of the end products.

            It produces cardboard boxes and corrugated cardboard packaging of any complexity according

            to the specified size, also with multi-layer color printing.