Technical cardboard Corrugated board
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   Technical cardboard:

   The standard is cardboard made from plant fibers, which differs from paper in that it is thicker and weight per unit area.

   Single-ply and multi-ply cardboard are produced. The inner layers are made up of several layers that are different from the top layer.

   Cardboard and carton are made in sheets or rolls. The size of the formats and rolls is agreed with the customer.

   Corrugated cardboard:

   The most common is the three-ply corrugated cardboard, the production of which makes up 93% of all corrugated cardboard produced worldwide.

   It consists of two flat layers and one layer of corrugated cardboard.

   The corrugated layer consists of a dense (112 - 175 g / m2) paper material, usually paper class B0 - B3

   and has a relatively high profile (1.5 - 8 mm). This value is typical for types of corrugated cardboard from A to E.

   For the flat layer, a common type of cardboard (quality from K0 to K3 is most frequently used) with a density of 110 - 175 g / m2 in brown or white tones.

   When producing corrugated cardboard, the outer, flat layers are optionally printed in color.

   Cardboard and carton are made in sheets or rolls. The size of the formats and rolls is agreed with the customer..

   We offer:

   • Book binder board, gray, 100% recycled, in different formats and strengths:

      1,00mm/ 1,25mm/ 1,50mm/ 1,75mm/ 1,90mm/ 2,0mm/ 2,50mm/ 2,85mm/ 3,00mm

   • Book binder board in Colors Black/ Blue/ White

   • Book binder board concealed, in Colors Pink, Blue, Green, Ivory, Grey

   • Book board X-line

   • Chrome board, Type: NM-180/ 190/ 200/ 210/ 220/ 235/ 240/ 260/ 280/ 300/ 320/ 340/ 360/ 440

   • Box board, Type: KT

   • Core paper, Type: BVS

   • Core board, Type: C1/ C2/ C3/ C4/ C5

   • Testliner, Type: PBS-140 mit weiίer Deckschicht/ PS-125/ PS-140/ PS-150/ PS-175 ohne Deckschicht

   • Plaster board, Type: OB/ OB 190 IVORY/ OBV

   • Gasked board, Type: AS/ B/ BS/ A

   • Dissipative cardboard impregnated for ESD packaging (Protection of a statically sensitive product)

   • Elektrical insulating board, Type: G/ EV/ EVS/ EKS

   • Match board, Type: S/ SV

   • JACKARD board

   • Archival acid-free cardboard, Type: VNIIB

   • Honeycomb board, Type: KS-140/ KS-170/ KS-175

   • Corrugated cardboard, Type: P-32/ 33/ 34/ 35/ 36/ 37

   • Corrugated cardboard, Type: T-21/ 22/ 23/ 24/ 25/ 26/ 27

   • Linerboard