Your supplier for all types of cardboard

Quality products tested in production from the exclusive representation of the manufacturer PROLETARIY corp.


                   We offer:

                   Book binder board, gray, 100% recycled

                   Book binder board in Colors Black, Blue, White

                   Book binder board concealed, in Colors Pink, Blue, Green, Ivory, Grey

                   Book board X-line

                   Chrome board

                   Box board

                   Core paper

                   Core board

                   Pappe Testliner

                   Plaster board

                   Gasked board

                   dissipative cardboard impregnated for ESD packaging

                   Elektrical insulating board

                   Match board

                   JACKARD board

                   Archival acid-free cardboard

                   Honeycomb board

                   Corrugated cardboard







                   We offer you complete services:

                   Free advice on material selection

                   We will set up a custom order

                   We agree on a delivery date

                   We take care of transportation

                   We get certification

                   Commercial purchase and sales contract

                   We will handle all complaints to your satisfaction